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- St. Atom Heart // Vaso Zissou -

Music equals memory All that we have lived Never to suspect and weave The ones that never had a shape They tease our minds, like nymphs in vein Like sirens edging to be bound Up to the mellow global sound.


St. Atom Heart: guitars

Vaso Zissou: cello


All is one in the psychic space and time sphere

Where and when drone meets folk and dark ambient meets indie rock?

The partnership of Atom Heart and The Jesterdays began 2 years ago in Thessaloniki and has been counting endless “miles” of friendship and common creation ever since.

The album “A Night Within A Day” is the result of this partnership and contains eight of Atom Heart's compositions “framed” by Vaso Zissou's cello and the musical “contribution” of The Jesterdays.


- Τhe Jesterdays feat. St. Atom Heart -

The days of Jester, the days of JoyThe days that passed, the days that will riseThe days of nostalgia, the days of anticipationThe days of music in multiple shades The Jesterdays were formed in Thessaloniki in 2009. They are experimenting on projects based on art rock, indie folk and dark wave music. Their first independently recorded album "All the kings and queens are dead, finally...", is released since December 2011. On October 2014 they released a cd single called "Bolt Upright" distributed by Nub country records (UK). Their third album ''Jestress'' will be released on April 2016. The Jesterdays proudly shared the stage with Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross, Stefan Schwerdtfeger - Big sleep, Steve Wynn, In Gowan Ring, Dorena , New Zero God, Mani Deum, Minor Mine, Lazy Aftershow , Jane Do, Samsa the Vermin, Dayend.


Achilles Ziogas: Vocals

Olga Katsenidou: Vocals

Christos Agiannidis (Aza): Bass guitars & Lyrics

Dimitris Pistikoudis: Guitars

DimitrisRombos: Drums & Percussion

Vasilis Giannousis: Keyboards


FRIDAY 5/8/16
- One Man Drop -

In April 2014, One Man drop started off as a side project between four musicians who were already active with their respective bands.

Panos Angelothanassis, aka “Peter Red” (Vox/Guitar) and Diamandis Kazouris (Guitar), who had already worked together in various projects, were searching for the ideal vehicle to make their music “happen”.

After meeting Nikos Giannoulis (Bass) and Elena Chatzipanagioti (Drums/Percussion), the quartet recorded and produced 3 songs which became the band’s unofficial EP (One Hits One, With You, Just Me).

The beginning of 2015 found One Man Drop as an active band, playing various venues. By the end of the summer of the same year One Man Drop had already recorded and produced 5 more songs. Their self titled album was released by the end of the year from Urban Sound Studios.

In the beginning of 2016 Diamandis decided to part ways with the band (due to personal issues) and was replaced by Pantelis Michelson.


Panos Angelothanassis [a.k.a. Peter Red]: Vocals/Guitars

Pantelis Michelson: Guitars

Nikos Giannoulis: Bass

Elena Chatzipanagioti: Drums & Percussionn


SATURDAY 6/8/16 
- Lefteris Moumtzis - 21:30

Lefteris Moumtzis is a Cypriot musician, composer and producer, living in Lefkosia, Cyprus. Apart from his solo releases, and various collaborations, he is the founder of the independent record label Louvana Records and the artistic director of Fengaros Music Festival, Music Village Fengaros and Lefkosia Loop Festival.

Lefteris' musical journey began at the age of six when he started learning the piano. At the age of fourteen he started taking saxophone lessons, and shortly after he joined his sister's rock band playing the piano and later on as a singer. During his obligatory service in the Cyprus army at the age of eighteen he taught himself how to play the guitar, the bass and the drums and he realised that music was his path.

He studied music in Boston, Massachussetts and later on in Birmingham UK majoring on electric and upright bass. After that he lived for several years in London, UK, where he took part in many musical projects, while also organising his own music events. Meanwhile, he was keeping active in Cyprus organising festivals and events, like Dogstock Festival.

Upon his return to Cyprus he founded Louvana Records, with Andreas Trachonitis, an independant record label based in Lefkosia, Cyprus. He has also released several albums, performed in all the major festivals on the island, worked as a teacher, producer, music journalist, radio producer and theatre composer.


Lefteris Moumtzis: Vocals, el. guitar, keyboard

Dimitris Chatzizisis: Violin, el. guitar, loops, backing vocals


- Sofia Sarri - 23:00

Fragments of earthly reality are floating above. Frameless, thus limitless, are transformed to embrace each other in a bizarre union, celebrating their new euphoric perception, resonating life and mystical dreams.

The music of Sofia Sarri is personal, pagan and magical. A universe where uncompromised resolutions are welcome allowing the Cretan lyra, a distinct folk instrument from the mountains of her home island Crete, to feel at ease when placed together with the analog synth, the vibraphone and some wicked double bass drumming.

“Every track has a story to tell” says Sofia, “a sacred bind to nature, as if a totem lies in the spirit of every song”. The moon, the cuckoo, the wolf and the strings alongside with electronic micro beats seem to merge perfectly with Sofia’s both delicate and powerful vocals, manifesting the omnipotence of nature.

Sofia’s journey through music and singing is long. Performing and composing for bands of diverse background such as the post-rock collective of Night on Earth, a true pioneer of Athens’ indie scene. This time the urge was to set and meticulously narrate the musical paths that she had so far explored. To handle her voice as an equal instrument among other instruments and belt out her mystical parallel universe. She is experimenting with both traditional forms and the contemporary while sticking to her generation’s fusion of massive sonic and music information.

Labeling Sofia’s music can be tricky: avant rock with a pinch of Scandinavian black metal, urban ambient, dark-hop…The moment you are about to categorize her she manages to slip away. As it is expected from an artist who’s influences spread out all around the world of sounds, manifested by the higher and innermost need of everything human: communication.


Sofia Sarri: Vocals

Kostas Stergiou (gravitysays_i, misuse): Keyboards, loops, analog synth

Μichalis Vrettas (underwater chess): Violin

Petros Lambridis (night on earth): Double bass, electric bass

Giorgos Kontoyannis (mat se 2 yfeseis): Cretan lyra

Vaggelis Paraskevaidis (Good Demons, O3): Vibraphone

Panayiotis Hountas: Sound engineerings



SUNDAY 7/8/16
- Babis Papadopoulos Acoustic Set -

Babis was the guitarist in the legendary rock band "Trypes" up until 2001 when, after releasing 7 albums (6 studio albums and 1 live), they disbanded. He was also a member of "Loxi Falagga", the band supporting N. Papazoglou in his live performances. His orchestrations for Thanasis Papakonstantinou's album, "Vrahnos Profitis" (2000), were a breakthrough for the greek music scene as the album pushed for a different, more contemporary interpretation of greek songwriting, cleverly combining Thanasis' sound with rock psychedelia and experimental improvisation. Inevitably, "Vrahnos Profitis" was voted as one of the best albums of the decade. In 2002, as well as committing to the album "Agrypnia" by the same artist, he formed Laikedelika, the orchestra that was to back Thanasis' concerts for the next two years. He also played guitar on two albums by Giorgos Hristianakis, and orchestrated two albums by Sokratis Malamas. Furthermore, he has written music for theatre and film and since 2010 he's been a member of the band 'Himerinoi Kolimvites".

Since 2010, Babis Papadopoulos has begun a series of live performances, playing material from his two solo records “Apo ti Spilia tou Drakou” (From the Dragon's Cave) & “Pain in Joy, Joy in Pain”. As the songs' instrumentation has been altered to suit this ensemble the result is a modern insight into greek music, a combination of the organicity of greek folk, contemporary harmony and avant-garde jazz.




Babis Papadopoulos: Guitar

Dimitris Vlachomitros: Bouzouki

Dionysis Makris: Double bass

Michalis Vrettas: Violin

Fotis Siotas: Violin & Viola

Anastasis Misyrlis: Cello

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