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MONDAY 7/8/17
- Dinos Sadikis -

Dinos Sadikis is the founder and leading voice of the legendary “En Plo”, a “meta – punk” alternative greek rock band which, in the '90s, combined psychedelic guitars with traditional music and  rebetiko.

Their first vinyl (1989, 1000 copies) has been for many years one of the rarest “objects of desire” till its 2nd release in 2015.

Ever since, Dinos has worked as a radio producer and musician in Crete and Thessaloniki.

2003 is the beginning of a powerful co-existence on stage and in studio with Giannis Aggelakas.  


Dinos Sadikis: voice, baglamas

Panos Papazoglou: electric guitar

Christos Pappas: bass

Lazaros Pliampas: drums

Sound engineer: Christos Charbilas




TUESDAY 8/8/17
- Petros Malamas -


With music running through his DNA, studies in Drama and Poetics along with a skilful and personal vision and interpretation of rebetiko, Petros comes forward on stage transposing his strong background in a series of beautiful, melodic, autobiographical compositions.

His songs are a tender mixture of indie folk ballads and greek popular forms seeking to move the auditor's heart and mind. Or, as Petros himself puts it: an invitation to “personal songs and impersonal tragedies”.


Petros Malamas: guitar

Nikos Papaioannou: bass

Thanos Kazantzis: drums

- Sotires/Cotirec -


Fotis Siotas, renowned greek musician (Sancho 003, Thanasis Papaconstantinou, Socrates Malamas, Alkinoos Ioannides etc) collaborates with Cypriot musician Lefteris Moumtzis (J. Kriste, Master of Disguise, Trio Tekke etc) to release his first album as frontman with the newly formed band Sotires. The album took two years to complete, initially with the pre-production work of Siotas-Moumtzis, who were then joined by Kostas Pantelis (guitars) and Vasilis Bacharides (drums) to create a work that finally puts Siotas on the forefront.

The album's 10 songs offer a unique approach to greek experimental-pop, leaning heavily on strong sound, a result of the band's multifaceted musical personalities and their important role in Greek discography over the past decade or so.



Fotis Siotas: vocals, violins, finger guitar

Lefteris Moumtzis: bass, keys, acoustic guitar, additional electric guitar, backing vocals, drum machine Kostas Pantelis: electric guitars

Vasilis Bacharidis: drums, bag drum

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Promo video 2017 by Despoina Alexopoulou

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